Employment Law

Bourke Legal Practice can help you with employment issues such as:

Conflict in the workplace

  • You would like to leave but don’t want to lose accrued long service leave
  • You think you may have been unfairly  dismissed

We can:

  • negotiate redundancy offers on your behalf
  • structure and negotiate termination and exit packages for you
  • act for you in unfair dismissal matters
  • represent you in matters before Fair Work Australia

It is often the case that the parties in employment disputes become so entrenched in their positions that the object of achieving a resolution of their differences can be forgotten.

We find out what is important to our clients - be it understanding, an apology, or adequate redress and compensation.   We can then help our clients reach a satisfactory settlement of the dispute.

We endeavour to help our clients settle workplace disputes without the need to take the matter to court.  This saves, time, money and prevents undue stress.

However, where court action is warranted, or satisfactory settlement cannot be achieved we can represent you in court.

Please note that a there are strict time limits in which to lodge an unfair dismissal application with Fair work Australia -even if that time has elapsed you should seek legal advice immediately as it may be possible to lodge a late application - Fair Work Australia may accept a late application in exceptional circumstances.   For further information go to http://www.fwa.gov.au/index.cfm?pagename=resourcefactsunfair#making

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